Yoghurt drinks and weight loss

There has been an interesting shift in newspaper journalism. In the good old days, it used to be all about the news. Now the stories are encased in bubble wrap so nothing can cause offense. Everything has two sides and, to achieve balance, both sides must be given equal prominence. Except when it comes to stories that might boost the sales of the corporations buying ad space in the newspapers and magazines. In these stories, readers are given only the bright side - the side that sells the products or services. Who needs balance when it builds the profits of a good customer. Which brings us to the coverage of probiotic yoghurt drinks. Here everything is sunshine and light. Did you know there are bacteria living in your stomach? Wow, tell me more. It's probable these bugs are what makes us fat! And. . . With the right research, probiotic drinks will kill the bad bugs and promote weight loss! Sounds like a miracle product is in the works and it will emerge to save us all from bad bacteria tomorrow.

This story is connected with the research being carried out at the Schools of Medicine at Washington University and the University of Colorado. This is a perfectly respectable project with funds provided by the National Institutes of Health. Their latest papers were published through the peer review system and are legitimate. But they do not conclude that high-fat diets and sugar cause obesity and the research does not mention any of the probiotics. In fact, the project experiments on the microbes in the guts of mice. It may be scaled up to humans in the future. But, for now, the researchers colonize "ordinary" mice with human microbes and then feed half a low-fat diet. The other half receives a traditional Western high-fat, high-sugar diet. Not surprisingly, the mice eating the Western diet gain weight. When the microbes from the fat mice are transferred to thin mice, the thin mice gain weight. It seems the Western diet transform the microbes into new varieties encouraging weight gain in any mouse.

There is much to follow up in this research but, just to be clear, there is no suggestion that the same diet changes the microbes in human guts nor that eating yoghurt will cause weight loss. The way the story has been presented misrepresents the science to sell the named probiotic drinks. In fact, there is no evidence published in any peer-reviewed journal to suggest that yoghurt changes a bad diet into a healthy diet. The only way to lose weight remains eating a healthy balanced diet alongside a regular program of exercise. If you find yourself feeling hungry while eating healthy food and working out in the gym, use phentermine - the only drug with a fifty year track record for suppressing your appetite. This drug has proved to be a miracle worker in being able to modify the messages coming out of the stomach and calming down the call for more food. So, to keep your motivation high when dieting, buy phentermine and feel satisfied with smaller portions. Continued over several months, you will find the weight dropping away and a new healthy body emerging. This is hard work but it pays off. Trust what you read in the newspapers about probiotics and the only thing you lose is your hard-earned dollars.

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What is cognitive behavioral therapy?

The marketers are out in force these days. They want to convince everyone that there is a pill to cure all ills. Oral medications are convenient for the patient. Just swallow and wait for results. They are profitable for the doctors because it takes only a minute to write out a prescription and wheel in the next patient. If you have to talk to the patients, this is fewer patients per day and less profit. It's great for the pharmaceutical industry. Just press the "go" button on the machines in the factory to make the pills and watch the money roll into the bank account. But, as a country, do we really want everyone to be dependent on pills? Surely there must be a better way of delivering treatment to those who need it. Well, in the question lies the answer. The most effective treatments deal with the patient as a human being with a problem instead of a piece of meat to be pacified and sent away with a pill. This is not to say that pills cannot and do not provide effective relief. The drugs used to treat anxiety are safe and effective. But all the major clinical trials show that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) produces better results than drugs. So what is CBT?

If you have an anxiety disorder, you should be the focus of attention. You need to move from a negative mindset to a positive outlook on life. Let's take each of the letters in turn:

c = cognitive. Cognition is the process of thinking. It deals with beliefs, opinions and all the other emotions and ideas that run around inside our heads. The problem with anxiety is that you see the future and fear the worst. It's great to have foresight. It helps you avoid danger. But you need a sense of proportion. Not everything is really dangerous, not everything has to be perfect, so you need to learn new priorities. Stop the automatic fear response. Slow down and think about the world more carefully. With a little determination, you can be more focused, avoid anger and frustration, and build a better outlook.

b= behavior. This is what you do and this is your chance to put that new world view into practice. When you have learned the new skills of relaxation, you have to confront the real-world situations where you have felt anxious. No more hiding away. You have to destress, grow calm and find peace as you try to reach your goals.

t = therapy where a guide teaches you coping skills so you can heal and recover from all that negative emotion and find new purpose and optimism. This is not teaching you to be less anxious. It's teaching you to be more self-confident.

Nothing in CBT denies a role for xanax. It's a great drug for the relief of anxiety over the short term. In fact, using xanax helps to calm your mind and make you more responsive to the therapy. As your mind slowly changes around to a positive way of thinking, you can ease off on the drug and allow yourself to start living life afresh. Let your new self-confidence crowd out the old fears and leave your mind calm.

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Don't suffer from pain in vain!

Pain is what disturbs us from normal existence. Pain killers are the medications people spend most money on due to their effectiveness and hope that the pain will go away. Severe pain is the reason why most of us stop ourselves from living our ordinary life as nothing seems the same when you are unwell. Most medical assistants, who you may address, will tell you that toleration of the pain is not an option. Therefore they will prescribe a good drug to you in order for you to stop suffering. But before we go any further, let's talk about the severe pain relievers in general and discuss their effects on the body.

What is the most important fact that one needs to know about any pain-killer? Well, first of all, it has to be the fact that it is strictly forbidden for those who have allergies especially people allergic to alcoholic drinks and medication in general. Usually when taken out of proportion without previous examination, it is dangerous and risky in its actions. The normal average dose that one can consume without getting into trouble is 300 mg per day. But that, of course, depends on the drug you are about to take. Don't think it is alright to do it with any pill at all. All pain-killers are sold with prescription only. Your doctor will have to examine you good to make sure the drug is right for you.

There are many cases known when individuals consumed drugs that they were not supposed to consume and due to the fact that addiction can bring anxiety, depression and disorders to your life, so think before you go any further with drugs. It is also important to remember that if you happen to be allergic to pain-killing medication or if you have liver disease, kidney problem or mental illness you should avoid the pill. Or if it is the only thing that may help you get rid of your pain - please talk to your specialist in the hospital about the dose. You will probably have to take the reduced dosage. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are not allowed to take any of this medication as it affects the unborn baby in a harmful way. Teenagers under 18 years of age are forbidden to take most of the pain-killers that are meant to treat severe pain

Pain-killers can really work miracles. Tramadol happens to be a good, working drug that can guarantee you a good result. This is a well-known fact. But you have to be careful with it as well as other drugs. Usually pain-relief pills not do always require food as they can go with it as well as without it. Try to not miss any doses and take the pill at the same time everyday. If you are willing to change something in your medical schedule please inform your doctor about it before any problems occur. If it happened so that you missed a dose and your doctor is out of reach, please remember to skip it and take the next one the same time as you took the last one. Don't try to keep up with the drug, rushing into it. It can only do worse. If you have some of the following symptoms after the consumption of any pain relief drugs you have to know you are overdosed. Slow heartbeat, light headed feeling, extreme weakness, fainting or coma are among those that can take your health state to hell. In some, rare cases, overdose can be fatal.

Tramadol is the pain-killing pill that has the appraisals of the most renowned specialists around the world. Nowadays it became very easy to buy the drug in every country just using various online services. Buy Tramadol and say goodbye to pain forever!

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Chronic heart failure doesn’t restrict men from having sex

The recent study the results of which were published in the Fears that men Mayo Clinic Proceedings journal has concluded that chronic heart failure in men is not a fatal condition that bans sex life once and for all, and men with this disease can still enjoy intimacy and use drugs ED drugs to help them boost sexual performance if being under close medical attention and supervision.

The researchers running the whole project, Stacy Mandras and Mandeep Mehra, have undertaken a detailed analysis comprising the results of other researches that studied sexual activity in men who were suffering from coronary artery disease. The results of such an analysis have surprised them, showing that men with such a condition and without it had the same levels of increase in heart rate, vessel tension and respiratory rate that were all within safe limits. In fact, the highest hear rate reported in the study while a man was having sex was lower than a daily maximum achieved during simple everyday activities.

The studies have also included patients with chronic heart failure who also suffered from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction usually takes place when there's not enough blood flowing into the penis for the man to be able to achieve erection. Drugs used for treating the problem such as Viagra or Levitra stimulate the blood flow into the penis and thus can make the problem even worse.

They have also taken into account the safety of such drugs in cases of congestive heart failure. Erectile dysfunction medications directly affect the blood flow and blood vessels and it would pose a great health risks if combined with other heart medications, leading to dramatic changes in blood pressure levels over a short period of time.

However, the studies have displayed that Viagra can be safely used in such patients taking heart medications only with the sole condition of being under strict medical supervision. There isn't sufficient data on how safe other ED drugs such as Levitra and Cialis are in such situations, but taking into account that they have quite the same pharmacological properties and mechanism of action one can assume that they are quite safe too.

Thus, the authors of this study conclude that it's safe form men with erectile dysfunction and mild to moderate chronic heart failure to buy Viagra and use it with the purpose of improving the quality of their erection, still with the condition of going through detailed screening before being prescribed with the drug.

Still there are people who cannot use such drugs, what's the solution for them? Health care specialists state that men can enjoy having active sexual life regardless of their age if following a healthy lifestyle and having regular physical activity. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by certain medications that you are taking or even inappropriate nutrition. Take a closer look at your lifestyle and make the necessary improvements and you will see that the quality of your sexual life will be improved.

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Genetics and weight loss

Look around the bookshops and read some of the reviews for the latest books on weight loss and there's a new buzzword on offer. It seems the genes you inherit from your parents change the way your body absorbs fat and carbohydrates. Gone are the days when a one-size-fits-all diet would sell like the proverbial hot cakes (unsweetened, of course). Now we are into the idea of personalized diets with DNA kits and gene testing offered as the way of designing the most effective way for you to lose those unwanted pounds. Except, there's no science to support any of these claims. Myths help separate you from your money. The truth remains boring and does not sell many books.

Let's start with the facts. The science of genetics has been around for centuries. Farmers, sports fans and governments have been selectively breeding animals (and plants) for their taste, speed or killing abilities. The results can be seen everywhere you buy food, on the race track, in the police and military compounds, and so on. There's nothing new in aiming to select characteristics to transmit through the generations. And that's where the science stops and the science fiction takes over. Although some scientists can now identify individual genes that may contribute to different characteristics, there's no such thing as gene splicing - no designer babies for us humans to order - and no proven link between any combination of genes and human body weight.

Human body chemistry stays the same no matter what genetic make-up you have. What does change, and sometimes quite dramatically, is behavior. If you travel back to a time when people ate less processed food in smaller quantities, you find most children grew up thin. Now look around. Children are surrounded by peers and authority figures who all eat large portions of unhealthy processed food and the children get overweight. This has nothing to do with genetics. This is socialisation in a country that eats too much unhealthy food.

Using genetics is an excuse when people fail to keep to a diet. They claim they cannot lose weight because their genes make them big. They are then suckered when they see claims that only by paying for gene testing can an effective diet be devised for them. This is a sad state of affairs. You can only lose weight by making lifestyle changes. You have to eat less and exercise more. If you feel hungry when you start a diet, a drug like phentermine is available to control the hunger pangs. Phentermine has been on the market for some fifty years and remains the scientifically proven way of controlling your appetite. So long as you avoid feeling hungry, it's easy to stay on the diet and feel the weight fall away. Overall, you are following a simple rule. So long as you burn more calories than you eat, you will lose weight. If this means increasing your activity rate, rise from your couch and go for regular brisk walks. A calorie-reduced diet combined with exercise and supported by phentermine is the one-size fits-all-genetic types approach to weight loss.

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What is pain management?

In a simple case where you have had an accident and, perhaps, broken a bone, there will be acute pain lasting for a reasonably short period of time. Under normal circumstances, these physical injuries heal and the pain goes away. But, sadly, there are many medical conditions where the pain does not go silently into the night. In cases of chronic pain, you and the doctors advising you have to come up with strategies to help you cope - to make the best of your life under difficult circumstances. Now, the medical profession has recognized that, independently of the underlying cause, pain itself is something to be treated. To do so, there are a range of different techniques, including:

  • the use of drugs;

  • different kinds of physical therapy, counseling and psychological support;

  • acupuncture and forms of treatment slightly outside the bounds of conventional Western medicine; and

  • surgery and other forms of procedures to intervene and relieve.

There is a distinction in the type of pain. Some is classified as nociceptive. Here the nervous system is properly identifying the source of the pain as a specific injury or particular point in the body. The symptoms group into radicular and somatic, depending on where the person feels the pain. The pain is said to be neuropathic when the nervous system is not working as it should, i.e. there is no obvious cause for the pain, but the brain insists that there is an injury in a particular place. This type of pain is more difficult to treat because the underlying cause is more difficult to diagnose.

The problem in every case is to decide the best approach. Not everyone reacts to the underlying medical cause in the same way. There are varying degrees of pain and people respond to that pain in slightly different ways. Some are more accepting. Others grow depressed and turn themselves into invalids. So all pain management decisions start with a review of the individual's medical history, asking what has been and can be done to treat the underlying cause, what level of pain intensity the person feels, whether the person has a positive or negative mental attitude, and so on. It is possible that more tests may need to be performed. If targeted surgery or other forms of intervention might relieve the pain, this should be tried first.

While waiting for a specific diagnosis or for the treatments to begin, it is probably appropriate to use one of the standard drugs to control the pain. The best drug is tramadol and it is most commonly prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain across a wide range of cases. You should not self-medicate, i.e. do not go online and buy tramadol without first having a doctor check you out and make sure that it is safe for you to take this drug. You should also not resort to the pill bottle every time you have pain. At an early point, you should have effective treatment either for the underlying cause or for the pain itself and live without using drugs as much or at all.

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Unemployment and weight

Let's start with the downside. You picked up the dreaded pink slip. This did not do wonders for your self-esteem. You then looked around the job market and found precisely no jobs. It seems every employer has given up the idea of expansion. They are all hunkered down waiting for the recession to end. Only when all we consumers get back out into the malls and start spending again will the wheels of manufacturing and commerce start turning again. Until then, it's the survival of the fittest - my apologies for mentioning Darwin, but it seems appropriate when applied the the species of employer. So with self-esteem on the floor and depression lurking in the corner of your mind wondering whether it should come out and join the party, it's all too easy to slip into really bad habits. You become one of the dreaded couch potatoes, suddenly fascinated by the offerings of daytime TV. With nothing else to occupy yourself, you snack and hit the soda bottles. The results show in the first month. With a job and all the exercise of getting out of the house and running round to earn a living, you were reasonably thin. Now you are unoccupied, you find your waist growing and everything else starting to sag. It occurs to you that this may not help you find another job when the market improves. There's a lot of discrimination out there and, with a choice between thinner and fatter candidates for a job, employers tend to pick the thinner ones because they are less likely to have health problems.

So let's turn this around. Now you are unemployed, you have the time to do something about those extra pounds. When you were working full time, the work was always a convenient excuse. There were just not enough hours in the day. You were tired when you got home. You needed the weekend for quality time with the family. We have all played this game. Well, no more! This is your chance to begin a daily routine of exercise. If you have a gym membership, start working out. Talk to the trainers and get them to devise a good set of programs to help you lose some of that weight. If the cost of gym membership is too much, do not let this be another excuse. Outside your home there is an endless supply of exercise equipment. It's called the sidewalk. Dress appropriately and start walking. Find slopes and then hills. Never mind the strange and pitying looks you get from drivers. Walking is one of the best all-round forms of exercise.

This should go hand-in-hand with a calorie-controlled diet. You defeat the purpose if you exercise, feel hungry and then eat more. Put smaller portions of healthy food on your plate. Cut out snacks and stop drinking soda altogether. Remember why you are doing this. It's your chance to finally lose some weight and get really healthy. It will lift your mood and, more importantly, help you find another job. If hunger is a problem, use phentermine. This is the best appetite suppressant on the market. With those hunger pangs banished, it's easy to keep the motivation going. The pounds will steadily disappear and a new, more confident you will emerge. Buy phentermine online and get your weight loss program underway. Unemployment is too good a chance to miss.

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Why the blue pill is the best ED medication in the world?

You have probably heard many times about Sildenafil or as we now know it, the Blue Pill. This drug has been around for over a decade and marked a new area of sexuality, which can easily be compared to the Sexual Revolution of the 20th century. Why is that? Because prior to the Blue Pill there was no effective remedy for erectile dysfunction and men having that condition were left with no possibilities to overcome their problems and had to suffer in silence. But with the advent of the new drug, things have changed drastically. Erectile dysfunction has become the topic for public discussion and was openly spoken about in newspapers, magazines and on national TV. The problem, which people were unaware of before, has surfaced and shown its real proportions, which were really impressive.

Almost all men experience erection problems every now and then and there's nothing to worry about. But if the problem persists over a period of time and there are no improvements, this is the case of erectile dysfunction. And research have found that practically all men experience erectile dysfunction at a certain point of their lives, and this doesn't mean only late adulthood as younger men were also reported to experience the problem. These results were quite shocking as there are millions and millions of men over the world who suffer from a condition that could not be cured before. Of course, there were numerous natural remedies, herbal solutions, drugs that boosted sexual performance and even special surgeries that ensured mechanical erection. But it was never as effective and convenient as just taking one single pill and enjoying the pleasure of intimacy to the max.

Viagra has changed that situation dramatically by being the first orally administered drug that was observed to help in almost all cases of erectile dysfunction, bringing back the joy of sex and lovemaking to men, some of which have already forgot how it should be done. It was approved for treating erectile dysfunction in 1998 and after that it simply exploded the whole pharmaceutical market, creating a niche of its own and bringing its developers (Pfizer) so much money that its competitors can't even reach today if combined. Men all over the world started to buy Viagra because there were no alternatives and it really helped. Having a global market where you are the single player is a great advantage for any product, and the Blue Pill was just lucky to be that very magical remedy that men across the globe were waiting for ages.

Of course, similar products from different manufacturers followed a few years later, some of them being more advanced than the pioneer of ED treatment. But still, men choose to buy Viagra at numerous online pharmacies because they know it will help them. People already know what the drug is capable of doing and the fact that it's sold practically all over the world makes it simply the best ED medication on the planet, no matter how hard the competitors try to rival that position.

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Causes for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction has plagued the minds of countless men throughout the history of mankind as it was a health condition that couldn't be treated effectively until very recently. Men who had erectile dysfunction were mourning their inability to enjoy life to its full in silence and it usually meant the end for their intimate life. But it was not before people could identify the causes of erectile dysfunction that the condition could be treated effectively. And today when men are seeking out the possibilities to treat their sexual problems it is required to identify the causes of the condition to treat it the right way.

So what are the causes for male impotence?

The causes for men not being to get and keep up an erection suitable for sex are numerous and quite diverse. But doctors usually group them into two distinct types of causes: physiological and psychological. As you can guess from the names, physiological causes of erectile dysfunction are the physical conditions of the body that make it hard or impossible to get an erection from the physiological perspective. Psychological causes are nervous conditions that influence the part of the body, which is responsible for all bodily functions - the brain.

First of all you have to understand the complicated mechanism behind male erection. It sure looks very simple on the surface and when everything is working fine, but when it goes wrong you start digging deeper into the whole thing and realize that there's a whole system complicated like your computer. Sexual arousal that results in erection starts in the brain - the person thinks of sexual activity - and the signals of sexual arousal travel all the way down through the spinal chord and get to the muscles at the base of the penis shaft. These muscles control the blood flow in the penis and when relaxed the blood freely flows in and out of the penis, resulting in the usual flaccid state. When the nervous signal is sent to these muscles they start preventing the blood to flow out from the penis and fill its cavernous bodies, which results in a strong and hard shape of the penis known as erection. And if any of the mentioned elements isn't there when needed, there will be no erection.

That's why before you buy Cialis or any other ED drug you have to understand what is causing the condition in your case. If it's something affecting the nervous signals you may want to lower your stress, join group therapy or speak with your physician about the condition. Even not getting enough sleep can cause loss of erection. On the other hand if there's something affecting the blood circulation in your body in general and in the penile area in particular, then you might find drugs like Cialis really effective. Conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, low and high blood pressure, penis shape deformation along with many others will affect the blood flow in the penile area. Treating these conditions will help you overcome erectile dysfunction in a healthy and direct way.

Remember that ED can also result from substance abuse as well as be a side-effect of a drug you are taking. So make sure to consult with your doctor about the medications you are using at the moment and their relation to erectile dysfunction.

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Overcoming erectile dysfunction together

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that puts many relationships to the test, ruining some of them and making stronger and closer the other ones. Not being able to satisfy his partner sexually is devastating for a man and can lead to serious psychological issues that require professional help. But it's the way you approach the matter with your partner that really counts and being able to discuss such conditions as erectile dysfunction openly is a big step forward in terms of treating it. So what does it take to treat erectile dysfunction effectively? Drugs, exercises, lifestyle changes, psychological therapy? Yes, that too. But what is most important when dealing with such things as ED is trust, love, compassion and team spirit. Knowing that your partner is willing to help and aid you in your treatment can alone be a very strong factor that can wave ED goodbye.

However, many men find it hard to discuss problems like erectile dysfunction with their spouses or partners. Men in general are less common to discuss their issues with someone else and address a doctor or ask for help. Such an attitude can be explained but can rarely be justified because sometimes the problem is easily resolved when spoken about at the right moment. But keeping it all inside not only makes any condition worse but also aggravates internal tension, anxiety and stress, which are one of the primary psychological causes for erectile dysfunction. In many cases it only takes a man to speak out his problems with someone who is willing to listen and help, and that alone can be an effective remedy for sexual problems. Thus, no matter how uncomfortable you might feel about telling your partner you suspect to have ED, don't keep it to yourself and speak about it. If your partner loves you, she will definitely understand your worries and try to help. And help is just what you need when dealing with ED.

Even if simple discussion didn't help, there are numerous ways you can treat ED effectively these days. Of course there are drugs like Cialis that will help you if the cause of your problem is a physiological one, like diabetes, blood pressure issues or cholesterol levels. But you can also try changing your lifestyle towards a healthier way of living, kick off nasty habits like smoking or drinking in excess, try to employ an exercise problem. These things alone can deliver a great boost to your sexual health and make it just as good as it was before ED. You can also ask your doctor for cognitive or group therapy if your erection issues are caused by psychological matters such as depression, stress, performance anxiety and so on. You can always buy Cialis and other ED drugs in the local pharmacy or an online drugstore, but you should remember that erectile issues are quite often associated with other medical conditions, and my curing them you will definitely be able to enjoy erections just as you did earlier.

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