Chronic heart failure doesn’t restrict men from having sex

The recent study the results of which were published in the Fears that men Mayo Clinic Proceedings journal has concluded that chronic heart failure in men is not a fatal condition that bans sex life once and for all, and men with this disease can still enjoy intimacy and use drugs ED drugs to help them boost sexual performance if being under close medical attention and supervision.

The researchers running the whole project, Stacy Mandras and Mandeep Mehra, have undertaken a detailed analysis comprising the results of other researches that studied sexual activity in men who were suffering from coronary artery disease. The results of such an analysis have surprised them, showing that men with such a condition and without it had the same levels of increase in heart rate, vessel tension and respiratory rate that were all within safe limits. In fact, the highest hear rate reported in the study while a man was having sex was lower than a daily maximum achieved during simple everyday activities.

The studies have also included patients with chronic heart failure who also suffered from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction usually takes place when there's not enough blood flowing into the penis for the man to be able to achieve erection. Drugs used for treating the problem such as Viagra or Levitra stimulate the blood flow into the penis and thus can make the problem even worse.

They have also taken into account the safety of such drugs in cases of congestive heart failure. Erectile dysfunction medications directly affect the blood flow and blood vessels and it would pose a great health risks if combined with other heart medications, leading to dramatic changes in blood pressure levels over a short period of time.

However, the studies have displayed that Viagra can be safely used in such patients taking heart medications only with the sole condition of being under strict medical supervision. There isn't sufficient data on how safe other ED drugs such as Levitra and Cialis are in such situations, but taking into account that they have quite the same pharmacological properties and mechanism of action one can assume that they are quite safe too.

Thus, the authors of this study conclude that it's safe form men with erectile dysfunction and mild to moderate chronic heart failure to buy Viagra and use it with the purpose of improving the quality of their erection, still with the condition of going through detailed screening before being prescribed with the drug.

Still there are people who cannot use such drugs, what's the solution for them? Health care specialists state that men can enjoy having active sexual life regardless of their age if following a healthy lifestyle and having regular physical activity. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by certain medications that you are taking or even inappropriate nutrition. Take a closer look at your lifestyle and make the necessary improvements and you will see that the quality of your sexual life will be improved.

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