Causes for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction has plagued the minds of countless men throughout the history of mankind as it was a health condition that couldn't be treated effectively until very recently. Men who had erectile dysfunction were mourning their inability to enjoy life to its full in silence and it usually meant the end for their intimate life. But it was not before people could identify the causes of erectile dysfunction that the condition could be treated effectively. And today when men are seeking out the possibilities to treat their sexual problems it is required to identify the causes of the condition to treat it the right way.

So what are the causes for male impotence?

The causes for men not being to get and keep up an erection suitable for sex are numerous and quite diverse. But doctors usually group them into two distinct types of causes: physiological and psychological. As you can guess from the names, physiological causes of erectile dysfunction are the physical conditions of the body that make it hard or impossible to get an erection from the physiological perspective. Psychological causes are nervous conditions that influence the part of the body, which is responsible for all bodily functions - the brain.

First of all you have to understand the complicated mechanism behind male erection. It sure looks very simple on the surface and when everything is working fine, but when it goes wrong you start digging deeper into the whole thing and realize that there's a whole system complicated like your computer. Sexual arousal that results in erection starts in the brain - the person thinks of sexual activity - and the signals of sexual arousal travel all the way down through the spinal chord and get to the muscles at the base of the penis shaft. These muscles control the blood flow in the penis and when relaxed the blood freely flows in and out of the penis, resulting in the usual flaccid state. When the nervous signal is sent to these muscles they start preventing the blood to flow out from the penis and fill its cavernous bodies, which results in a strong and hard shape of the penis known as erection. And if any of the mentioned elements isn't there when needed, there will be no erection.

That's why before you buy Cialis or any other ED drug you have to understand what is causing the condition in your case. If it's something affecting the nervous signals you may want to lower your stress, join group therapy or speak with your physician about the condition. Even not getting enough sleep can cause loss of erection. On the other hand if there's something affecting the blood circulation in your body in general and in the penile area in particular, then you might find drugs like Cialis really effective. Conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, low and high blood pressure, penis shape deformation along with many others will affect the blood flow in the penile area. Treating these conditions will help you overcome erectile dysfunction in a healthy and direct way.

Remember that ED can also result from substance abuse as well as be a side-effect of a drug you are taking. So make sure to consult with your doctor about the medications you are using at the moment and their relation to erectile dysfunction.

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