How Health Reform Will Affect You

Ever since President Obama came to the Oval Office, America has been waiting with baited breath to see if he would come true with his promises to change American health care. And it sounds like he has. If you have heard about all of the amazing changes to health care, but aren't quite sure what this will mean in your everyday life, read here to see just what changes to health care Obama's new health care reform have provided. After one of the most heated political debates in decades, Congress has finally passed a health reform policy in March 2010 that will mean universal health care for you over the next four years. Other countries all over the globe, like Canada for instance, offer their citizens public health care that is paid for and administrated by government health agencies. This option was discussed in Congress to meet Obama's goal of health care for all America.

Though the issue of creating a national and public health coverage was not accepted by Congress, that of the universal health care reform was and this is the best news for health care America has seen in some time. Though America's health care will not be run by the government as is done in many other countries, it will during the next four years mandate national health coverage meaning. What does this mean for you? You will never be denied health care again, and this is how it is going to work. Starting in the year 2014, every citizen and legal resident of the United States is required to have health coverage, and insurance companies will no longer be able to say no to people with pre-existing conditions. Public health care options will not be mandated, but will be available for families that qualify through a program that is being described as "expanded Medicaid". And though programs such as Medicaid will assist families that fall below federal poverty levels, the government will continue to step in by providing subsidies to American families that earn between 100-400% of current poverty levels.

No longer will any American be able to worry about not being able to afford health care. In addition to subsidies, health care reform brings many changes to how insurance companies will be able to work and provide medical coverage. The government is proposing that mandated state-run health exchanges be initiated in order to provide every possible opportunity for affordable health care. Cost share programs are also being instigated, as are health care protection cost gaps being considered to help you and your family get the health care you need. The health care reform policy is known as the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and is designed to protect American families from missing out on valuable health care due to costs. Though this is not a policy without controversy, it does offer many Americans renewed hope that they will soon be able to enjoy the advantages of health insurance. This program is to begin this year, and will begin with children being the first to be considered for cheap health insurance plans that they previously may not have been eligible for. Over the next four years, all of America will be required to hold health insurance, and will be able to do so at a cost you can afford.

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