What is phobia and how to manage it

About twenty million US citizens have been diagnosed with various phobias that really aggravate their wellbeing. The most widely spread types of phobias are social and specific phobia. Those who suffer from social phobia have a very hard time while being in various social situations, constantly expecting embarrassment, discomfort or even fear. Specific phobias make the patient extremely anxious when it comes to dealing with a specific object or situation, like flying in aircrafts or dealing with animals. Phobias force people to avoid many activities that in other way would be very pleasant and exciting, for example flying or climbing, imposing many restrictions on their lifestyles.

Phobias can be characterized as a state of irrational fear that is caused by a faulty thought pattern that also leads to physical discomfort. This is the point where the brain triggers the "flight or fight" mechanism, which is a self-preservation pattern, controlling the production of adrenalin and helping the individual deal with potentially dangerous situations. What happens in case of a phobia is that this mechanism is triggered when there's no real danger. And the best way to avoid such "danger" is to scare the individual into a safe place or situation. The problem here is that phobias can be developed from contacting with people, animals, objects or situations that other people would regard as totally safe and even pleasing.

But you must always remember that it's not any kind of insanity. You may feel like you're going out of your mind because of the overwhelming sensations and fear that simply jam your sense of consciousness. But the good news is that phobias can be effectively treated. Phobias are cured by changing the thought mechanisms that trigger adrenalin output and fear by gradually exposing the patient to the object of their fear. This way the patient becomes more accustomed to the object or situation, which in other case would be avoided, and learns how to cope with it. This also reduces the adrenalin action on person, as it doesn't provide the same anxious effect over a prolonged period of time.

The best way to reduce adrenalin effect is exercising on a daily basis. In this way you will be able to both burn the excess levels of the substance and reduce your sensitivity to it. Doctors also recommend reducing the intake of any substances that are similar to adrenalin such as nicotine, caffeine, marijuana and alcohol. Some people regard marijuana and alcohol as good ways to reduce anxiety and it really works in the short-run. But in the long run the overall anxiety will only get aggravated, sometimes joined by substance abuse.

If you experience severe anxiety there are many medications that can help you cope with this conditions. Buying drugs like Xanax won't actually cure you from phobia but it will make it a lot easier to handle fearful situations and make the treatment a lot more effective.

Overcoming phobia is of course a matter of self-confidence and effort that you have to make over yourself and be confident that you can overcome the condition. Imagine what you would say to your friend suffering from phobia to make him or her feel safer, and say it to yourself. Of course, drugs like Xanax and other anti-anxiety medications will help you, but it's only you who can make them really effective. Bear that in mind!

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