Keeping baldness at bay

Hair loss is embarrassing for most men. While some percentage of males thinks it gives men brutality and show their masculine side, others are simply shamed of it. When you start losing hair you expect to get bald and the idea of it makes people terrified. It is common to lose hair with age but let's say you are twenty years old and you have just found out your hair is falling down. That can be pretty shocking! But you don't have to be too scared as there is always a solution. Lots of medical institutions and well as beauty salons nowadays are offering hair replacement methods. But let's be honest- not every man will treat it as a beauty salon procedure. Most men would normally go to see a specialist in a hospital and take his advice.

Hair loss issue is not a newly appearing one. It has been there for a long time, it is just that in the past years we become more open about it. We are ready to share our thoughts, talk about your problems. We are willing to seek solutions and we want to take advice. When you ask women how they feel about bald men - most of them will say that the lack of hair will never affect a relationship or that looks doesn't matter too much. Some women will even confess being turned on by the bald headed men. What can you say, tastes differ. Men, on the contrary, especially those who used to be proud of their hair, take this problem a little bit further.

We interviewed a few people on the streets of Chicago and this is what men think about hair loss problem.

Mike:" I have absolutely no opinion about this as my hair is perfectly fine, but I guess if I had to face this matter I would accept it as it is and would not be too concerned about it".

Tony:" This problem hit me when I was just 28 years old. Now I am 35. I have very little hair left but my wife still loves me the same. I guess hair doesn't matter so much after all."

John:" I think I would go for hair replacement. Or I would take a pill. I don't know what exactly I would do about it but I know I would do something".

So as we see people have a different attitude towards hair loss. But we are here to discuss options. Let us introduce one of the options to you. It is called Propecia.

Propecia is a drug. It is very popular in the United States of America. 9 of the ten men that tried it had a positive result. Their hair started to grow back. But this is not a result one should expect to appear tomorrow. It can take up to 1 year until anything becomes obvious. This tablet is recognized by FDA and is the number 1 treatment from baldness that is willing to guarantee you an improvement.

You can purchase this medication from the nearest drug-store or you can visit Internet pharmacies and order it online. Either way you have to remember the pill can only be bought with a prescription.

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